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I was one of those mums who didn’t pack a dummy in my hospital bag as I went to have my baby because I thought I wouldn’t need it. As most first time mums I was wrong. Fast-forward 22 months later and my baby is a total sucker for his dummy and we haven’t weaned him off completely yet. I’m such a dummy for the dummy… Pun intended!

Dummy post

Some of you may remember that we lived in Kenya and I received criticism from many people because using a pacifier isn’t very common there.

Here are some of the questions and statements I heard while I was there and some I still get today even though we’re in Australia.

Does it really sooth him? Does it work? How does it work?

The main reason any mum would use a pacifier is to sooth their baby when he’s a little cranky or unsettled. Baby E isn’t an exception, I gave him his first dummy to sooth him.

 Doesn’t dummies disturb his sleep?

Small babies go through so many things, witching hours to sleep regression to teething which all interfere with the baby’s sleep. When the baby falls a sleep eventually the dummy falls out and he can’t even sense it if he is in deep sleep.

 Does it make him sleep?

Surprisingly when we give our baby his dummy if he’s tired he would sleep. Trust me if he’s not sleepy no dummy or any trick can make him fall asleep.

 He will never speak! He will end up with speech delay because of the dummy!

This is a very silly assumption and extremely inappropriate, there is no mother that tries to hinder her child’s development deliberately. Some children who never used a pacifier end up with speech delay.

Doesn’t the dummy mess up his teeth? He’ll have crooked teeth

I researched about it and asked various medical professionals; I was assured that dummies don’t ruin the baby’s teeth. This is my first child so I wouldn’t know until he grows up if he will get buck and crooked teeth or not after he looses his cute pearly milky teeth. I have one solution for this problem if it ever happens “braces”.

Whether your child sucks a dummy or their thumb, it eventually doesn’t matter as long as your baby happy and healthy.

We had a goal to ditch the pacifier by baby E’s 1st birthday and we failed miserably. Are we ready to ditch it soon? Maybe..

Our goal is now to get wean him off by his 2nd birthday in 2 months. Wish us luck.

Did you use a pacifier with your little ones?

How did you manage to wean them off?

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2017 Blogging Goals Update | Mrs Jibril

Hello Lovelies,

January this year I posted my 2017 Blogging Goals  and given that we’re in August I wanted to do a little update and see how blogging is going so far.


My achievement and accomplishment so far:

  • Rebranding: I’m no longer “Simply a Mama” as of July 2017 I rebranded to “Mrs Jibril” this wasn’t on my goals list and so far I like the new name.
  • Working with brands: I didn’t think I was recognised in the blogosphere to have the opportunity to work with brands; especially after my move from Kenya to Australia. I was lucky to have been approached by brands for collaborations. If you are a brand interested in collaborations you can reach me here.
  • Consistency: I always post once a week and if I’m motivate you will be surprised with an extra post. I post every Saturday.
  • Self-Hosting: I’m not tech savvy but I managed to successfully not only rebrand but also change and upgrade my wordpress.
  • Collaborations and Guest Posts: Now I have a tab to show all the posts I featured in.
  • Blog Readers and Followers: This has hugely increased and I definitely feel the love and support in the blogging community. I wish I had the exact figure of my blog followers back in January so I can compare.

The goals I still need to work on and I haven’t achieved yet:

  • Social Media Followers: I wanted to increase my followers in my main social media platforms Instagram, Facebook Page and Twitter. I wanted around 1000-2000. I’m still far from my target but I’m not discouraged because I want genuine followers who enjoy my content.
  • YouTube: I still haven’t started my channel even though I have video ideas. I need to stop procrastinating.
  • Blog Series: I still haven’t figured a unique series idea.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. If it’s your first time visiting my blog please make sure to follow me for weekly posts on all things Motherhood and Family related.

What do you think of my new blog name?

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