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Hello Lovelies, welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is written by Sophia from SW12 Tidy Tenancy Cleaners

She wanted to share with us ways to get our little ones interested in helping us tidy and clean our homes.

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Are your little babies all grown up already? May be you’re thinking it is time to teach them some important life lessons and skills that will help them? Then it is time to get them involved into the housework and cleaning. Actually, the younger you start them, the better. Not only will you have some help with your cleaning, but also it will allow you to spend time together.

Of course, depending on how old your kids are, there are different cleaning tasks and chores you can get them to do, and different ways to make it fun for them and worth their while.

Younger Kids (4-8 Years Old)

You have to think of games that will keep them entertained just long enough for them to get the job done. You need to remember that you have to give them the tasks one at a time and explain to them exactly what you want done.

You also need to keep in mind that if they are going to use cleaning products, they should not be dangerous to them. I suggest that you make some yourself. All you will need is water, dishwashing soap, baking soda, and vinegar or lemon juice. You can make yourself an all-purpose cleaner that your kids can safely use.

Put their favourite music on full blast and get to work. Sing and dance while you work. Get your little ones to dust the furniture, give them a sock (a clean one of course), soaked with a mixture of warm water and vinegar to go over all the pieces of furniture while dancing and dusting them. You could get them to fold the dried laundry, as good as they can.

Tell them to organize their room and make their beds. If they have a children watering can, get them to water the plants, my niece is two and she loves watering the flowers with her little pink watering can.

A fun way to keep them interested in cleaning and helping you around the house is, if they have kids cleaning toys – broom, dustpan, or something similar. Let them work using their own toys. Give them gloves, hats, aprons and make it a play-pretend. It will help them get into character and will keep them entertained longer.

9- 11 Year Olds

If your kids are older (9-11 years old) it can be even easier, for you and for them. Since they are older you can have them do more important chores. Like wash the dishes, collect the laundry or fold it, collect the dirty laundry and start the laundry machine, go to the store with a list, clean windows, etc. Just treat them like grown ups, ask them which chores they want to do and let them do it. You could have a friendly competition between them, give each child several tasks and let them race and see who will finish them first.

Of course, you need to figure out a reward as well. The winner might get a cake, a trophy, a new toy, choose the movie for the next family movie night, whatever you can think of and know will motivate them.

Or just ask them how to make cleaning more fun; they will surely have unique and imaginative suggestions.

How young were your kids when you started giving them chores and letting them help you around the house?

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    • Samsam - Simply A Mama says:

      aww that’s fantastic, my son enjoys creating the mess than actually cleaning it up. I’m looking forward for him to be a little older so he can be more involved.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting xx


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