My First Rant!! because there is a first for everything

angryI know I haven’t posted in over a week but it was a rather hectic week, from a visit to the emergency to baby E attending his first wedding. I usually don’t rant because I try to look at the positive side even when it’s very hard. I guess this post will be my first rant to vent out!! The worst feeling in the world is when you feel judged as a mother. Maybe I’m hormonal or extra sensitive since becoming a mummy, if you ever feel like voicing your unpleasant opinion about my parenting please refer to the short list below.

  • He is MY son so I get the final say about anything and everything, well until he is a teenager and rebels against me… I still have 17 years to go.
  • He is my FIRST child, so I’ll do everything I always wanted to do with him. Dress him a certain way, feed him certain foods and spend ridiculous amount of cash.
  • I was pregnant for 41+ weeks and pushed for 2.30 hours, so there is no way in hell you can love my baby more than me or care for his wellbeing more than I do.
  • Mothers know best…. Yes you guessed it I’m his mother so I know what’s best for him.
  • He is growing and meeting his milestones. So maybe just maybe I’m doing an ok job raising him. I’m not asking to be praised but at least acknowledge that I don’t totally suck as a new mum.

Rant over!!

Breathe in. Breathe out.

All that new mothers really want is a little support and that occasional kind word.

Thanks for stopping by ladies

I will be back to posting regularly again.

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25 thoughts on “My First Rant!! because there is a first for everything

  1. twicemicrowavedtea says:

    Argh I know, it annoys me so much when people think they know better than you about your own child. I do often ask for advice from people when I need it, but I hate it when people interfere, just because they think they know best! #momsterslink

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  2. carolcliffe says:

    Oh dear, I don’t know who has been offering unwanted advice, but feel free to rant – you will always find lots of support in the blogging community xx #EatSleepBlogRT

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  3. Me, You and Magoo says:

    Nothing hurts more than when someone pipes up with an opinion and thinks they know best about your child. I always respect anyone, especially healthcare professionals, who say ‘we always listen to the mother’. I’ve only heard a couple of doctors say that…which shows how rare it is for people to respect mother’s opinions #TheList

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  4. DomesticatedMomster says:

    I would always let people squabble their advice at me but I knew that I was going to do what I felt was best for me and my children. Even now at 4, 5, 6, 16, and 18…mother knows best! Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink and I apologize for my delay in commenting as I am trying to get back into routine and failing miserably. Hope to see you again this Thurs-Sun!

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